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Link Personnel has Opportunities For Temporary Staff Across a Broad Range of Sectors.

Being a temp with Link Personnel has a number of benefits

  • It allows candidates to get experience across a range of sectors
  • It can be used as a first step back when returning to the workforce
  • It provides a regular income
  • It often leads to permanent roles

Temping is a great way to get your foot in the door of a firm. Impressing as a temporary staff member gives our clients food for thought when permanent vacancies arise.

One more reason to temp with Link Personnel is that unlike other agancies we DO NOT WORK A BACK WEEK. With Link you get paid directly into your bank account on the Friday of any week you work.

Why Temp with Link Personnel?

  1. Link Personnel pays top rates for Temps. Our Clients want the best and are willing to pay for it.
  2. We work with clients where temporary work offers opportunities for a permanent position. Our client base includes Ireland’s top domestic and multinational firms. Temping is a great way to get your foot in the door of these companies. When permanent positions arise, temp staff who work well are often the natural choice to fill the role.
  3. WE DON’T WORK A BACK WEEK! Other agencies make you wait for your wages. With Link if you start on Monday you get paid on Friday DIRECTLY into your bank account.

To Become a Temp with Link Personnel:

  1. Send us your CV
  2. Set up an appointment to register with one of our consultants and
  3. Complete a quick skills test online(Where relevant)

You will then be ready to go and can be considered for all vacancies that match your experience.

We work for our temps. We offer excellent placements paying top rates in the best firms in the country. To find out more about temping with Link Personnel, CALL US TODAY +353 1 845 6312

Information for Temporary Staff

The following information is for temporary staff on assignment with Link Personnel . Should you require any further info before, during or after your placement just call your consultant. Enjoy your Assignment!

Assignment Details

  • All temporary staff will be given full details of their assignment (including rate, hours of work and client contact details) prior to commencement. Your consultant will be available throughout your assignment to answer any questions you may have.


  • You may download a Temporary Staff Timesheet here on the first day of your assignment.
  • Keep your timesheet close to hand during your assignment and fill it in as you go. Once your timesheet has been completed and signed by your supervisor, please scan it through to before 12pm on Friday.
  • Should your supervisor require, you can send them a copy and if you wish, keep a copy for your own records (To save paper and to ensure records are kept properly, please e – mail copies rather than printing them)
  • Please ensure all timesheets are scanned through to our offices by 12pm on Friday to ensure payment that day.

Payment Details

  • Link Personnel pays all wages directly into your bank account. Please forward your bank details to us before commencing your assignment.
  • If you have a P45 or Tax Certificate, please make sure that we receive this ASAP or you will be taxed at an emergency rate.
  • If you don’t have these documents Call 1890 333 425 and have your PPS number handy to request a Tax Certificate.
  • Holiday pay accrued is paid at the end of your assignment or earlier if requested.
  • Link Personnel does not work a back week so if you START WORK ON MONDAY YOU GET PAID ON FRIDAY!!


  • Payslips will be issued by e-mail on the Friday of any week you work. Please provide us with the e-mail address at which you want to receive your payslip at the start of your assignment.

Finished your Assignment ?

  • Link Personnel will issue you a P45 on completion of your assignment so that your tax details are kept up to date.

If you have any further questions, please direct them to us first on +353 1 845 6312.

Enjoy your assignment!

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To temp with Link Personnel, Send Us Your CV and call us now to set up an appointment to register. +353 1 845 6312

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