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Privacy Policy

GDPR will have no impact on the service we provide to you. It is simply a means of giving you more control over your data. This is something we are happy to do.

Our privacy policy is quite simple.

Policy updated : 22 May 2018

We collect data for a specific purpose

We don’t collect your data for any other purposes than carrying out our job.

We don’t sell your data to anyone, ever.

We will share your data with 3rd parties in the course of doing our job. Those 3rd parties are exactly who you would expect them to be – our clients. For example we would share your CV with an employer, in order to get you an interview. We will also share your data to facilitate the drawing up of an employment contract between you and your new employer. Before we give our clients any data like phone numbers, e-mail addresses or postal addresses, we will ask you for permission to do so.

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We will accept any requests to amend data, so long as that data is accurate. Simply call our offices on 01 845 6312 or e-mail with your request

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