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Getting to grips with your CV – CV Tips

Link Blog | March 21, 2014

CV Tips –

The problem with first impressions, they say, is that you only get to make one. Most people know this of course, but day after day I get CVs into my inbox that have not been given the due care required to make a positive impact and successfully navigate this important first hurdle in a job application. Last week I outlined that there were a growing number of work opportunities available to people across the county and country. However, I also argued that people must be prepared in order to maximize their chances of realising those opportunities. Having a well put together, coherent and persuasive CV is an essential part of that preparation.

U.S. studies have shown that recruiters spend on average 6 seconds on a CV before they decide whether to keep reading or not. I can’t say I discard someone that quickly, but any employer will wonder why they should spend their time on someone who can’t be bothered spending an hour or so putting together a decent CV. If a candidate isn’t taking the time to create a carefully thought out CV, then they are doing themselves a disservice and running the risk they will end up in the trash folder.

Below I outline 3 steps important to a good CV. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but can be considered ‘CV 101’.  These steps will allow you to get past the employer’s first glance and put you in serious contention for the job you are applying for.


1. NO SPELLING MISTAKES. All programmes have a spell check option. It is not an option to fail to make use of it. Some recruiters and employers will refuse to respond to CVs with spelling mistakes as it shows a complete lack of attention on the part of the applicant. Don’t be discounted by failing to click a button

2. Your CV should be concise and should clearly emphasise the experience that makes you suitable for the job you are applying for. This means making your CV an adaptable document that highlights different areas of your work or academic history to suit each particular role.

3. Don’t just list the duties you performed in previous employments – outline your achievements. Your CV should portray a candidate who sought and gained experience and who made a serious contribution. Years’ of service is not enough to convince employers of your suitability. Many people, who have been working for decades, simply turn up and switch off, hiding in the long grass and never doing more than is required (and sometimes less!). Use your CV to outline projects taken on, sales targets exceeded or filing systems modernized. No one will thank you for being modest and employers will appreciate a candidate who can take on new challenges and succeed.

 There is no excuse for not having a good CV.  There are ample online resources available to assist and most recruiters will work with you to ensure your CV is up to scratch. Talk to us about how to make sure your CV hits the mark. We know our clients and what they want to see, so make use of our expertise and work with us to get what you want. An employer’s time is limited, so make sure your CV gives them food for thought and not cause for concern. Don’t waste your opportunity to make a good first impression

Cormac Spencer – Consultant – Link Personnel Services

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