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CV & Interview Tips

A good CV is an essential opening gambit in securing a new Job.
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Advice for a Successful Interview
Our consultants receive feedback from interviews every day of the week. They know what makes a good interview. Below are some tips which will help guarantee success.

Preparation – Fail to Prepare and Prepare to Fail. Before interview make sure you research the company itself, study the job spec, and ensure you know WHO you are meeting, WHERE and WHEN. By doing research, you will gain knowledge, remove uncertainty, and allow yourself to be calmer and perform better.

Presentation   – Formal dress is advised for interview. By dressing well the interviewer sees that you have gone to an effort for the interview and that you are taking it seriously. Jeans and a t shirt doesn’t mean you can’t do the job, but it might mean you won’t be given the chance to prove it.

Know Your CV –  Know your CV inside out. Struggling to recall dates of employment or previous duties does not come across well. Go through your CV and determine how your previous experience makes you a match for this role. If you know what the company is looking for you will be better able to reference your relevant experience when answering questions.

Body Language – As soon as you enter the room, introduce yourself to everyone with a handshake. The simple things count. Try to maintain eye contact and don’t fidget.  When you leave the interview always shake hands again and thank those present for their time. Say goodbye to anyone you have met and pass on the way out including the receptionist. 

Panel InterviewsDon’t be daunted. Only one person can ask questions at a time. Relax, and address answers to your direct questioner, while remembering to engage the other panel members by making eye contact from time to time. .

Don’t Drop Your Guard – Remember, The interview starts when you walk into the lobby, and does not finish until you are back outside again.

Eating \ SmokingDon’t eat strong smelling foods or drink alcohol before an interview.  Nervous? Don’t smoke beyond 20 mins before an interview. It clings to your clothes and whereas it may not be noticeable outside, when you get into an office it can be overbearing.

ASK US! – Our consultants speak to interviewers and interviewees every day of the week. Knowledge of our client’s needs and our expertise in what constitutes a good interview is a resource we are happy for you to tap. If you have a question, ask your consultant. Good Luck

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