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Working from home? -Ways to separate Work and Home Life

Link Blog | December 4, 2020

Many companies have implemented voluntary or mandatory work-from-home policies. That means lots of us are dealing with an unusual challenge that is working from home for the first time. Even if you have done it before, working from home because of coronavirus probably came on suddenly for you.

These tips will help you make sure that you are successful, both at getting your work and at maintaining your well-being.

  • Get dressed: although this might seem like a simple tip, it’s a crucial one. It can be very tempting to stay in your pajamas all day, but this will only result in a much slower start and less productive day overall. You don’t need to dress as formally as you might for work, but the simple act of changing clothes serves as a signal that it’s time to wake up and get things done.
  • Designate a workspace or home office: Your workspace doesn’t have to be its own room, but it should feel as separate from the rest of your home as possible. Try to make your workspace comfortable with a chair you can sit in for eight house a day and a few decorations. Find an area with good natural lighting if possible.
  • Keep clearly defined working hours: Just as you designate and separate your physical workspace, you should be clear about when you are working and when you’re not. You will get the best work done and be most ready to transition back to the office if you stick with your regular hours. Having a separate time and space will allow you to be more present in your home life.

All of these simple tips combined will help you to balance your Work and Home life well. It is so important not to get totally engrossed in your work and spending your out of hours thinking about what you could be doing when your desk is right there!

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