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Why should I use a Recruitment Agency?

Link Blog | November 4, 2020

The recruitment process can be a long road for candidates. At Link Personnel we essentially act as the middleman between the employer and the candidate, tasked with finding the right candidate for the role.

If you are thinking of using a recruitment agency in your job search, give us a call on 01 845 6302 to find out more information. Here are some advantages of using our service to help find your dream job.  

Guidance & Support

Job searching can be a frustrating experience, particularly when applications aren’t producing responses. Having a recruitment consultant can be a great form of support in your search for employment. A personal contact capable of pointing you in the right direction and providing employer insight can be invaluable, particularly when it comes to tailoring applications. Give us a call now on 01 845 6302 to talk to one of our consultants today!

Industry Expertise

Recruitment agencies can often be industry-specific, with jobs targeted at a specific job sector. This in turn means the consultants are equipped with existing knowledge of the industry and therefore detailed knowledge of the roles. This can translate into clarity of what is expected and informed insight into the company which will give you the upper hand in the application process. This expertise can help candidates to know what to include on your CV and things to mention at interview. Link Personnel recruits across a range of industries including Legal, IT, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Professional Services, Manufacturing, Aviation and Green Energy Utilities among others.

Constructive Feedback

Feedback is imperative when it comes to improving performance and something that is often lacking during the recruitment process. Employers are busy people and interview feedback is not guaranteed. Conversely, Link Personnel always makes sure our candidates get adequate feedback on their applications, letting you know what worked and what didn’t in order to help you improve for next time. Whether that’s advice on switching up your CV to tailor it to a role or providing you with interview insights.

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