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Ways to Separate Yourself from other Candidates

Link Blog | November 4, 2020

How to make sure you stand out in a job interview is so important. No one is hired solely as a result of their work experience or accomplishments. Interviews are an opportunity to go beyond your CV and set yourself apart from other equally qualified candidates.

So, how do you leverage the interview to rise above the rest?

Be Eager about the Opportunity

Companies wants to hire people who are eager to work for them and you should express enthusiasm while you’re answering interview questions. Oddly enough, candidates don’t always realise that they aren’t fully expressing their interest. Think of it from a hiring perspective wouldn’t you pick the candidate who showed more interest and excitement about the opportunity, assuming all the skills were there?

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Don’t make the interviewer dig for answers

Strong candidates recognise what the interviewer is trying to uncover based on the line of questioning and respond accordingly. This means that when asked a question you give examples of how you have previously used a skill in your past roles.

Show that you can take Initiative

Effectively communicate that you’re the type of employee who takes initiative. Even at entry-level, companies hire individuals who will evolve into leaders. You should try and convey this during the interview by providing an example of a project where you self-started or went above and beyond.

Convey Flexibility

It is a great idea to be committed to a five-year plan or to have a clear and professional goal in mind. However, you don’t want to come across as rigid, especially since your specific goals may limit you from opportunities and or direction that only become apparent with a new position.

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