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Ways to Keep Motivated when Working from Home

Link Blog | February 5, 2021

For many people, it has nearly been a whole year of working from home. This has been a whole new world for many and is still throwing up challenges around communication, alignment, and productivity. To help you with continuing to manage this remote way of operating, here at Link Personnel we have put together these top tips on remaining motivated when working from home.

  • Organise your day: If you set yourself out clear objectives for the day ahead, you are more likely to stay focused and achieve your deadlines. We recommend using a paper list to create a list of tasks so that you can tick them off as you have completed them throughout the day.
  • Give yourself breaks: Breaks are important to boost productivity. If you do not allow yourself to rest and recuperate during the day, you may become burnt out by the afternoon. Be sure to take a full lunch break and try to stay away from your computer during this time as well. You will then feel rejuvenated when you return to your desk to tackle the full working day.
  • Reward yourself: It may motivate you knowing that you need to complete a task and send it to your manager by a certain deadline, but for those who do not work under anyone, you should try to come up with ways of rewarding yourself at the end of each task or day. This boost can give you what you need to move onto the next job and keep up your motivation.

Failing to keep up motivation levels at work can be stressful. It is crucial to recognise when you are not working effectively and discuss any issues that you have with your manager or colleagues.

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