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This is why employers should be hiring now

Link Blog | May 29, 2020

In the current circumstances it is only natural that business are monitoring costs closely. Given that salaries usually represent about 40-60% of all outgoings for a business, it makes sense that staff costs would be scrutinised.

This focus has seen recruitment activity drop off significantly, BUT are businesses missing a trick by not recruiting the skills they need now, and securing the people they require to grow their organisation into the future?

There are a number of arguments to support the contention that businesses who have the financial means to do so should consider hiring today.

  1. Candidates are interested in opportunities and are actively looking for new roles. Traffic to our website is up over 75% in the last month – despite the fact that candidates know vacancies have dropped. Points 2 and 3 may well be a leading cause of this trend.
  2. Some companies have instituted pay freezes or pay cuts, meaning candidates are feeling it in their pockets. Although staff can be understanding, such cuts still motivate them to examine their options. Thousands of passive candidates have very recently become active.
  3. Bad Communication – Some companies have not communicated with their staff properly in recent times. Rather than give a clear message to reassure staff, they have coupled cuts with internal comms that have caused anxiety and upset. Even more so than pay cuts, this environment encourages staff to look elsewhere. By presenting the alternative, clients can offer candidates a better work environment.
  4. Companies have a clear run – Candidates are available and flexible in terms of interview times. There is no need to wait weeks for the process to complete. What’s more, in the event that a company makes an offer, there are fewer delays as a result of candidates considering other offers, or indeed counter offers!

What a difference compared with a couple of months ago when candidates were so scarce and competition so high!

A long term strategy is beneficial to any business. Having the right people to execute that strategy is essential. Future profits depend on current decisions.

Speak to us today about accessing our growing pool of talent, to help your business grow.

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