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Link Blog | November 13, 2020

The COVID 19 Pandemic has changed a lot in our lives. Socially, we’ve all had to distance ourselves from extended family and friends, social occasions are extremely limited and a holiday abroad if out of the question!
From a work point of view many employees have now experienced working from home at least for part of each week. Virtual meetings are now part of our working week! Those employees who are office based are restricted to their desk for most of the day.

We need to move with the times!
With all of the above a factor going forward Businesses are taking the opportunity to re-assess their Business Model. Some firms are re-thinking roles and some are even reducing staff numbers and downsizing their office space. Job Specs are changing as technology is improving efficiencies which in turn reduces to need to hire in certain areas.

Considering your next move!
With all the above in mind a job seeker needs to take a fresh look at their CV to ensure that all relevant qualifications and skills are noted. While your CV should still be no more than 2 pages it should be specific to each vacancy, highlighting exact skills and experience to match the job spec.
Job Specs are broader so ability to multi-task, transfer skills and willingness to upskill should be evident. Highlight what value you can bring to the role and to the business.

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