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Reasons Counteroffers are a Bad Idea

Link Blog | March 11, 2022

In the past few months Link Personnel has seen a lot of candidates choosing the Counteroffer and staying with their current company. In the end, they always end up coming back to us regretting this decision. Here are just a few reasons why Counteroffers are never a good idea:

  • Wrong Attitude-Bad Start

From the get-go the idea of applying for jobs with the aim of using a job offer to leverage your current pay is just poor judgement at best. If you want more money, you should have an honest conversation with your boss and if this doesn’t go the way you hoped, you should apply for jobs that will offer you the pay you desire. Starting off your job search with the wrong attitude will never work out! Before starting your search, chat to one of our consultants today to discuss your options. Call 01 8456312 NOW!

  • Burning Bridges

Receiving a job offer is significant. The company who offered you the role clearly liked you. They have taken the time to meet you and learn more about your abilities and skills. They want you to join their company and as you were enthusiastic throughout the process, they assume you want to join their team as well. This is until you suddenly come back to tell them you have accepted a counteroffer. Now they know that you were never interested in their company. You have essentially burned your bridges with this company, which could be damaging later in your career. You never know when your paths may cross again!

  • Will things really change

You probably started to look for a new job because you felt underappreciated and restricted. Maybe you were passed over for a promotion or simply weren’t given the opportunities to progress. At some point, you probably voiced these concerns to your employer, but they weren’t effectively addressed. Its likely that these issues will continue after you accept the counteroffer and will eventually cause you to resign-this time for good.

When making your final decision on a counteroffer, it can be challenging. However, it is important to think about each of these points. You may find that you chatting to your recruiter can really help so you have all the facts and can make the best choice for your personal and professional growth. At Link Personnel, we are there to help the whole way through and continue to follow up after you accept your new position.

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