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Post Covid 19-Will There be Changes in How we Work?

Link Blog | May 21, 2020

Covid-19 has forced us to change how we work but which of those changes might be permanent?

There are big changes coming to the future of work. While remote working may be a relatively new concept for some, the adaptability of both employees and employers has been remarkable.

  • Get Used to Working from Home

This won’t apply to every job, but it turns out that people can actually work from home productively. Plus, the majority of people who have been working from home would prefer to continue a work-from-home policy. It could be the case that many businesses will make the decision to continue to work from home for the foreseeable leading to the less overall need to own or rent office space.

  •  Your Office is not Completely Disappearing

The entire world won’t work from home. Offices will still exist. However, they may look different. Open floor plans may be replaced in some cases by cubicles or other partitions for health reasons. How will social distancing be maintained at work? These may be temporary changes until there’s a Coronavirus vaccine or employers could find this new normal layout may continue.

  •   More Video Calls and Fewer in Person Meetings

Video conference calls have become more popular than ever during the covid-19 pandemic. At Link Personnel it has been a key component in how we meet our candidates and keep in touch with our clients. This could continue even after a vaccine. For many businesses, frequent business travel may be replaced by more video conference calls. This doesn’t mean business travel is going away (it’s not), but companies may limit travel.

One thing for sure is that business will go on. Life will continue. It just may look different than before. Changes within businesses will depend on your employer, industry, job type among other factors. Will these changes become permanent? It is too soon to tell.

One thing certain in this uncertain time is changes to the future of work are coming!

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