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Link Personnel in the News….Jobs in Ireland for Returning Emigrants

Link Blog | March 29, 2013

At Link Personnel, we have been arguing that for the last 6-12 months there has been a marked improvement in the employment market in Ireland, particularly in Dublin. There are more and more job opportunities for people here and for those considering moving home from abroad.

Today’s Irish Times carries a story, with comment from this agency, on the recent trend of emigrants returning home.

There continues to be emigration from Ireland, yes, but it is not a one way street. The paper notes that more than 100,000 people have returned home since 2008. Often those considering coming back are painted a bleak picture of prospects at home. They are told they should stay away for now, that jobs don’t exist, that things are terrible. Not true. There are jobs (Good Jobs) available NOW, and Link Personnel is recruiting for the top Domestic and Multinational firms that are offering them.

From our personal and professional experience, when Irish people go abroad they tend to work hard and are well regarded by both employers and their host country. As a result they are given responsibility and experience which is invaluable and makes them hot property when it comes to applying for jobs at home. When good CVs land on our desk from emigrants considering a homecoming, we make contact, discuss opportunities here, and then take them through the steps required (CV review, Skype interview, reference checking) to get the interview for the job they want. In many instances candidates walk off the plane and have a new job within hours.

We have seen a steady stream of Legal Jobs, Accountancy and Finance jobs, Pharmaceutical jobs, and Secretarial and Admin jobs in Dublin over the last 6-12 months. It is bordering on trite to say it these days, but there is also an abundance of IT jobs available. These vacancies are not just contract or temporary roles, (although those roles have increased in volume too), but permanent, well paying jobs in top companies based all over Dublin and beyond. In addition to an increase in job opportunities, salaries are beginning to rise in some sectors.

As we say in the article, there are people sitting on Bondi Beach, walking through Trafalgar or Times Square, or looking at the lights of Roppongi who have the qualifications, experience and attitude that we need to fill jobs in Dublin right now.

For those looking to return home now, or those who are happy abroad but like to have the option to come home, the future is not bleak. It is bright and it is going to get brighter.

If you or someone you know is abroad and looking for a job in Dublin, tell them to contact us on 01 845 6312. They can also mail Cormac Spencer at or can apply though this site,

Link Personnel

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