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Jobs in Dublin and Beyond 2014. Why January is the time to move!

Link Blog | January 8, 2014

We first posted this in late 2012. Its as relevant today as it was then. The start of 2014 has been very busy. New Jobs are coming in steadily and people are moving for better opportunities and better salaries – Yes salaries are going up!. Don’t hang around if you want something new. Call us today so we can help you find the job that you want with the right package.

Speak to us on 01 845 6312 for a confidential chat about opportunities that suit you!


For many people the New Year offers an opportunity to evaluate, to take stock of the direction in which they are going.

Many people, who have spent the year slogging away in a job they don’t like, have pause for thought. Will I move to a new Job? What are salaries like? Should I just be happy to have a job!

If you are beginning to think like this, then the first thing to say is YES, there are jobs available. The second point is that if you want to move in the New Year then the time to act is now. January, is always a busy month at Link Personnel, and 2014 will be no exception. From the first working day of the year, our clients are calling looking to fill roles across all sectors.

There are 3 main reasons for this

1. Our Multinational clients often have to wait until the end of December for their budgets to be sanctioned for the following year. Positions which had been laying vacant over the last couple of weeks \ months now get the go ahead to be filled. With the green light to fill these jobs, our clients move in to action, and we do the same.

2. End of Year. In some industries, the year end is not a busy time. People take holidays, there are staff parties, short weeks etc. This year a number of our clients in the Legal, Accountancy and Finance Industries will close on Dec 21st and not re open until the New Year. This reduces the time and the inclination to interview and then induct new starters

3. People listen to our advice! Those who have already decided to leave their job in January, have already updated their CVs, are getting in touch with recruitment agencies (the smart ones call us first), organising interviews,  and preparing to accept offers and hand in their notice to their current employer.

So, if you are thinking of a move in the New Year, ACT NOW. Call us, send us an updated CV and call us to discuss options.

We recruit in the following areas

  • Legal
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Accountancy + Finance
  • Financial Services
  • Warehousing + Logistics
  • IT

If you are looking for new jobs in Dublin we are looking for you. If you are undecided and would just like to discuss options, our consultants are happy to help.

Call us on 01 845 6312 and e mail your CV to

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