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Irish Can Apply, The Return of the “Help Wanted” Sign

Link Blog | July 22, 2015

Irish Can Apply, The Return of the Help Wanted Sign


One of the most noticeable signs of the recovery in our economy, is the transformation of the spotless windows of the shops, restaurants and cafes of the recessionary period into cluttered spaces full of fliers for local events, adverts for fitness classes and most importantly “Help Wanted” signs enticing people to “apply within”


As I have said a number of times, the true sign of the economic recovery is not to be found in GDP figures (as these figures are often a questionable economic indicator) or in IT jobs announcements (although they certainly help), but rather in real world indications that people feel confident enough to spend money in shops, restaurants, art galleries, theatres and cinemas. There is no better indication than a Help Wanted sign adorning a window. These signs are the embodiment of the confidence that people feel when they decide to head out for a meal once in a while instead of cooking, or go to the cinema instead of waiting for the film to hit TV. By no means should we return to the highly consumerist Celtic Tiger era where buying things was made a substitute for happiness, but this lack of fear of expenditure over and above the essentials is good for an economy and is great news for anyone looking for work in the service industry, particularly students looking to earn money over the summer.


I’m surprised at the difference in the availability of jobs in the service industry compared even to a few short months ago and while many reading this may have already secured work, for those still looking, my advice is to pound the streets and keep your eyes open for those signs going up. For individual students getting a summer job is a great way to earn money to fund their break, and maybe to keep money coming in by working 1-2 days a week during term time, but there are also much wider benefits associated with the return of these sorts of jobs. For a start, they are a great way of teaching students about the world of work for good or for bad, in addition to teaching them how to manage money. Having a son or daughter in work can also alleviate financial pressure on parents, who without the income their child receives would have to subsidise them. What’s more the money that can be earned on breaks from study, means that students are more able afford to stay in study, contributing to their personal development and to the betterment of our economy and country. This is an important point. When casual and part time work dries up in an economy, many students are unable to afford to stay in further education– The double whammy of a lack of work and rising registration fees over the last few years has only exacerbated that problem. It’s amazing how interconnected these things can be.


Ireland’s economy is on the rise and the confidence that people now have in their personal financial circumstances means that the pool of disposable income shouldn’t be drying up any time soon. Anyone looking for a role in the service industry, a summer job or a job in their locality should keep a keen eye on window fronts near them.


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