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How to write a strong CV if you don’t have much experience?

Link Blog | June 2, 2021

This can be a big challenge for candidates especially if they have just graduated from college. They can find it difficult to add to their previous experience section of your CV. In this instance, include all your experience no matter how relevant you feel it is to the job you are applying for. Such as, volunteer work, part-time work you might have had whilst studying. By including all this experience, you are demonstrating your work ethic and skills, making you more desirable for the job.

It is important to always start with your most recent role at the top and so forth. You should include the company name, your job title, and your employment dates (include month and year). Underneath you can write a brief description detailing your role, bullet points here are always good. Be as detailed as you can, listing the main responsibilities you would have had.

Include a skills summary, although you may think you don’t have relevant skills to include you will have learnt many transferrable skills that are worth highlighting. For example, if you have no professional experience, you can always include skills you obtained during education. Always taking part in presentations or group projects-showing teamwork, organisation, and dedication etc.

For your education section of your CV, start with your most recent place you studied. List where you studied, the dates and your course title and qualification type as well as your grade received. If your career history is very limited, you can put your education section above your career history.  

You should also optimise on your interests and hobbies section of your CV. It can very often give the hiring manager an insight into your personality. Under this section you can also include an additional information section. Here, you can include any other qualifications, diplomas or certificates. For instance, having a driving license or being trained in First Aid.

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