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How to stay confident in your job search?

Link Blog | June 3, 2021

Everyone struggles with rejection, its evitable in the job search process. Talking yourself up to employers, only to face rejection can be tough. But just remember, staying confident is critical to succeeding in your job search and career. Here are a few tips to help guide you along and gain some of that positive momentum back while you search for your next job.

Realistic goals:

Setting easy and attainable goals while you job search will make your to-do list look a lot more inviting. The last thing you need is to set unrealistic goals and put even more pressure on yourself. Job searching online can be overwhelming so just take it one day at a time! Get in touch with one of our consultants now to help take the pressure off in finding the right role for you. Call 01 845 6312 NOW!

Avoid Comparison:

It may seem like your friends and old classmates are getting all the jobs and are way ahead of you in their career, but you need to not be so hard on yourself. It is very easy to compare yourself to the people you admire, especially when you’re not exactly where you want to be. You need to make sure to remind yourself, you will get there!

Don’t take rejection personally:

Rejection is the worst. Whether you are turned down for a job over the phone, a quick email, hearing “no” doesn’t feel good for anyone. This is especially evident when you thought the interview went great. You automatically begin to think about what you did wrong, are you not good enough? The reality is, there could be a million reasons why someone else got the job, but that doesn’t say anything about you personally. It may have just been down to not a right fit and this will then continue to push you even more towards finding the right career path for you! We are here to help in your search so get in touch NOW!

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