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How to nail your phone interview?

Link Blog | November 18, 2020

Before an in-person interview, companies often conduct phone interviews with candidates. This is when you can make a good impression and show the employer you are a qualified candidate for the job position.

Employers use phone interviews as a time-saving tactic in order to save lengthier in person interviews for the most qualified candidates. We are going to share how to nail a phone interview and get a follow up in person interview! Looking for a new opportunity? Give us a call on 01 845 6302 for job vacancies!

Understand who is interviewing you:

Find out the job title of the person who is interviewing you. You can do this by looking at the company’s team page on its website. If the interviewer is someone you will be working directly with, you may be able to plan some questions to ask about the role.

Research the company

You should always research a bit about the company to learn more about the organisation. You can use their website to find out what they do, what industry they are a part of and who their clients are. This will make you look like and informed and well-prepared candidate.  

Understand the job position

Even if you have already read the job spec, consider reading through it again to make sure you fully understand what would be expected of you in this role. You can then plan ways to highlight your relevant skills and training.

Prepare questions to ask

Employers are typically impressed by candidates who have prepared insightful questions. For example, you could ask about the company culture, the structure of the team. Be sure to always keep questions professional and polite.

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