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How to Manage Career Development during Uncertain Times?

Link Blog | October 9, 2020

Are you reluctant to make a Career Change in the current climate? Use this time to your advantage to figure out what it is exactly you want and make it happen!

Here are some Useful Tips to maintain your job search momentum and position yourself for success both today and into the future.

Taking time to Plan for a Change:

Having the extra time at home right now can be an opportunity to think strategically about what your ideal role might look like. Know that it is ok to take some time to pause, reassess your professional goals and develop a plan to achieving them.

Brainstorm your long-term career goals and identify your skills and talent. You should then begin your research. Look at potential career choices, your goal should be to identify industries that will lead to future growth. Unsure on your suitable industries?, why not Give us a Call NOW on 01 845 6302 to see what Opportunities are right for YOU!


Networking remains one of the most important things you can do to position yourself for long-term Career Success. Virtual networking should focus on building relationships and new connections. Social media is now a critical tool in todays world as well as it being an easy way to make contact with your existing network.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and complete. LinkedIn and other networking platforms offer a great way to showcase your expertise. Have a look at our LinkedIn page where you can see market updates, new job opportunities and more.


Depending on your career objectives, it may be necessary to update your knowledge base or even master new skills to be a competitive job seeker. If you find you have some extra time, taking online classes can be an excellent way to both stay occupied and update your skills.

At the moment, there is such a wide variety of both paid and free online courses available. So why not take advantage and use your time wisely!

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