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How to explain gaps in your CV?

Link Blog | May 17, 2021

There can be many reasons why you have gaps on your CV. You might have taken time away from the workplace to go back studying, look after children, travel, or care for a relative. Gaps can also be caused by redundancy or job searching. So, what is the easiest what to explain these gaps on your CV?

Here are a few examples of how to explain:

  • Time off due to illness:

There’s no need to give specific details of the illness. Instead, you can explain how you have used your time to upskill or kept yourself up to date with industry news and trends. Bring emphasis that you are now ready to return to work and demonstrate why you think the particular position is a good fit.

  • Previous role you were made redundant:

If you were made redundant in your previous role, be sure to explain why. For example, due to restructuring, budget cuts etc. Try to highlight the achievements you received, or experience gained while you were working there. Explain why since you have been out of work you are now ready to return and feel this role is a good fit.

  • Went travelling:

Try to focus in on the reason you chose to go travelling. Provide emphasis on gaining new perspectives, increasing your cultural awareness or for your own personal growth. Again, make it clear that you’re now ready to return to work and why you are excited to get back to it.

  • Look after children:

Mention that you took this time away to prioritise your family and to look after your children. Explain that you now feel it is the right time to go back to work and you are looking forward to it. Try to give some more details of why you feel this particular role is a good fit for you.

  • Went back to Education:

Explain why you made the decision to go back to education. Emphasis on the specific skills you wanted to develop or upskill in. Perhaps you wanted to gain a new qualification. Mention why you felt it was necessary for your own personal development and think it will help in your future roles.

Always remember you shouldn’t feel a certain way for having gaps in your CV. These gaps aren’t something you should hide from an interviewer, always answer honestly and confidently. Ensure you are giving concrete examples of how you proactively used this time outside of the workplace.

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