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How to Deal with Job Rejection and Plan your Next Steps?

Link Blog | September 23, 2020

No one enjoys getting turned down for a job, and if you have done a lot of preparation for a role that you really wanted, it can be harder still to accept a rejection.

But with the right mindset, you can turn the experience into a career development opportunity. Here’s some helpful suggestions on how to do just that.

Ask for detailed feedback:

The key thing to do after a rejection is to think about what happened, and how you can learn from it. At Link Personnel, we always make sure our candidates receive detailed feedback from our client. Asking for and listening to feedback is the most valuable thing you can do when faced with a job rejection. You put a lot into the process, after all, and you’re entitled to get some insights at the end of it.

Review and reflect:

Once you have had a chance to come to terms with the employer’s decision, it can be tempting to brush the experience aside and never think of it again. But that would pass up a significant learning opportunity.

Think about the feedback you received, go back through everything, from the way you prepared and researched through to your interactions in the interview. There is always room to improve, so use any setbacks to shine a light on these areas.

Identify learnings and build a personal development plan:

Think about feedback from past rejections, are there recurring themes? What should your development priorities be? Make a note of any weaknesses or issues that you can do something about and use them to focus for the way you approach your preparation next time.

Refine your search:

Sometimes the interview and/or feedback process can make you realise that, although its disappointing to be rejected, the role didn’t, on reflection, feel like quite the right fit for you either. Look back over the job spec and ask yourself if you could see yourself in that role on a day-to-day basis. Use your experience to help you refine future job searches. Are you perhaps looking at keywords that don’t quite match your ambitions? Did the role that went with the job title not quite match your expectations?

Whatever the case may be you should make a point of staying constructive and do all you can to learn from the experience to help you get ready for the next opportunity. After all, getting turned down from a job happens to everyone, the most important thing is what you learn from the experience.

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