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Home for Christmas? Why not stay for the New Year? 2020 is Looking Good

Link Blog | December 16, 2019

Home for Christmas? Why not stay for the New Year? 2020 is Looking Good

Welcome home to the many emigrants returning for the next few weeks to spend time with family and friends. While you are here you may try to keep your mind as far away from work as possible, but if you’ve been thinking about returning home you should examine what Ireland can offer you. It’s very possible that that the opportunities that weren’t present when you left are available right now. Our economy is continuing to grow and although there are challenges the prospects for the country in 2020 look bright.

Economic growth is set to be around 5-6% this year with a 3.5-4% expansion forecast for 2020, making Ireland a candidate for fastest growing economy in Europe this year and in all likelihood next. Unemployment stands at 4.8%, down by around 0.5% on last year(Dublin’s unemployment rate is significantly lower than this national rate, leading to some wonks saying we are approaching “Full Employment”). More importantly job creation is on the rise. Thousands of jobs have been created and the number of people in work is the highest its been in the history of the country. Although forecasting is a dangerous business, it’s difficult to see this momentum stopping in the near term. Despite the initial shock of Brexit, activity has gone up, employment has risen and wages are rising with it.  What’s more, wages are rising after years of stagnation. Wages have risen in the order of 3-3.5% over the course of the last year.

Some of the fastest growing and most innovative Irish and foreign companies are based here, and they are hiring. Ireland is at the cutting edge in a number of sectors, and we need no longer look abroad for progressive ideas. They are being put into practice here and they are creating jobs now. There has been huge growth in opportunities in the tech and green energy sector, as well as steady growth in more traditional sectors such as professional services, finance, administration, construction and manufacturing – even the public sector is hiring again!!

The last couple of years have already seen people start to come home in significant numbers. For the first time in 9 years we recorded net immigration for 2016, and this was repeated in 2017 and 2018. The advent of technologies like Skype, has meant a lot of the leg work required to find a job in Ireland from abroad can be done remotely allowing candidates to get a clear picture of what’s available without any risk. Often people can walk straight off a plane or boat into an interview and can be gainfully employed in a matter of days. Bringing people home from abroad is something we have been doing in Link Personnel Services for years. It’s a simple process and shouldn’t be seen as an extra hassle to candidates. Anyone looking to stay in Ireland next year should get in touch to discuss the options we have to suit.

Whereas Ireland can never provide all the opportunities in the world (what country can?) it is a country of opportunity, with ample capacity for growth, progress and success. What is needed to ensure this progress, is that we keep our best and brightest here. Enticing the best to stay in Ireland will allow for the economic recovery to take root and for the creation of a successful and vibrant political system and society. While you are enjoying your Brussels sprouts, why not consider the opportunities available to you here in Ireland?

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