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Interview Tips from Link Personnel

Link Blog | March 25, 2014

Getting to grips with your CV – CV Tips from Link Personnel

This article appeared in the Dublin People on 02\04\2014 

Last week I outlined some essential tips for writing a CV which creates a positive first impression on any potential employer. A strong CV is a crucial first step in securing a new job, but is only step one in the process. Equally, if not more important is the interview. Whereas a good CV can open doors, an interview is about proving you have what it takes to be invited in out of the cold.

As a recruiter, I find that candidates often identify interviews as the most daunting part of a job search. Sitting in front of one, two or sometimes five different people, having to field questions on an entire work history is not most peoples’ idea of a good time. However, that half an hour could mean the difference between moving to your dream job and missing out, so it is worth doing everything possible to hone your interview skills.

Every interview will differ slightly, in terms of style and content, but the tips I outline below can be employed uniformly to help ensure you are ideally positioned to be offered the job.

Preparation – Fail to Prepare and Prepare to Fail. This maxim holds as true for interviews in Swords or Saggart as it did on the training pitches of Saipan! Before interview make sure you research the company, study the job spec, and ensure you know WHO you are meeting, WHERE and WHEN. By doing in-depth research, you will gain knowledge, remove uncertainty, and allow yourself to be calmer and perform better.

Know your CV inside out – Struggling to recall dates of employment or previous duties does not come across well in interview. Go through your CV with a fine toothcomb to determine how your previous experience makes you a match for the job in question. Relate your expertise to the job spec as much as possible. If you know what the company is looking for you will be better able to reference your relevant experience when answering questions. Again, preparation here is key.

Presentation and Body Language – Don’t worry about being overdressed for interview. Top and tails may be a step too far, but most employers will appreciate someone who has taken the time to look sharp. During interview, sit back and relax, try to maintain eye contact and don’t fidget. When you first meet your interviewers shake hands with each of them and thank them for their time – do the same when leaving. The simple things count and those small things can leave a lasting impression on interviewers .

Ask not what your employer can do for you….. The feedback I often receive from employers is that candidates come across as disinterested or blasé in interview. Why go to the trouble of researching the company, learning off your CV and getting your suit dry cleaned only to attend interview and waste the time by not outlining why you, above all others, are the person for the job? Nobody should be on bended knee to an employer – they need good candidates just as much as candidates want good jobs, – but what is clear is that employers look for motivation as well as experience when making a decision. When choosing between two people with similar backgrounds, they will plump for the one they feel actually wants to do well in the role and who gives the impression that this isnt simply a stop gap until they find something better.

Interviews shouldn’t be an ordeal, but rather a way to translate your experience and expertise in a coherent way, that ensures you and your future employer are speaking the same language. Following these tips means you will greatly increase your chances of passing the interview stage with flying colours and get straight to talking turkey!

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