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Dealing with Job Rejection

Link Blog | February 19, 2021

No matter what stage you are at in the job search process, being turned down for a role that you really want is never fun and it can definitely have an affect on your confidence. But the truth is, thinking that rejection has ruined you not only feels miserable, but it also holds you back from any future opportunities. You must learn to understand that success and rejection go hand-in-hand, and that you simply cannot advance if you always play it safe.

Here are a few ways to kick start your job search again.

  • Remember that its part of the process:

It is inevitable that you are not going to land every job you apply for. No one does! Coming to the realisation with this and learning to accept rejection will help the process. Once you can let go of the need for a guaranteed outcome, you open yourself up to a world of other possibilities such as other jobs, opportunities, and companies that could even be a better fit.

  • Don’t overanalyse:

You can drive yourself crazy replaying the scene over and over again in your head, thinking about the reasons you received a rejection. But the truth is, stewing in your own disappointment only serves to keep you stuck in the past. Taking action is the number one strategy for leaving rejection behind, asking for feedback and help when needed. Always follow up for some feedback to ask how you can improve for the future. This is something we always offer to our candidates at Link Personnel, it is key in being prepared for your future interviews.

  • Build stronger Job Esteem:

If you find yourself constantly downplaying your accomplishments and feeling like a failure, create a list with all of your accomplishments and contributions. You might talk about when you stepped up to lead a project, how you landed new business or even the skills you used to resolve an office situation. By recognising your strengths and ability to succeed in the face of challenge, this simple exercise can instantly shift your attitude.

While job rejection might seem like the end of the world, it’s really an opportunity to learn more about yourself and the job search process and improve for the future.

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