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Benefits of Flexible Working for Companies?

Link Blog | June 24, 2021

Flexible work is no longer something that is only offered to freelance staff, but now even traditional employers are offering to their employees. The benefits of flexible work for companies can help your business to stay ahead of the competition.

What are these benefits?

  • Improves Retention:

Allowing your existing employees to work flexible schedules can help you to retain valuable staff. Without a doubt, flexible schedules are one of the most important perks employees want from their employers. Preventing your staff from leaving by offering them this flexible working option, could end up saving you a significant amount in the long run.

  • Attracts Top Talent:

Given that many job seekers are now more interested in a flexible working schedule than other benefits, this will mean offering this benefit can help you recruit more top talent.

  • Increases Productivity:

One of the reasons employers often won’t allow staff to work flexibly is that they think if they can’t keep a watchful eye on their employees, they wont work. However, flexible working can actually increase employee productivity.

  • Improves Employee Engagement:

Engaged employees are those who understand what their role is and how what they do contributes to the company’s success. One of the ways companies create a culture of engagement is by creating a workplace that empowers and respects employees. The best way to show this is to allow flexible working schedules. When you let people work flexibly, you say that trust them to get their work done no matter how, when or where it happens.

Given all the ways that the Pandemic has changed and is still changing the world, it is entirely possible that the pandemic is a tipping point for flexible work. Families have learnt that flexible work can help them balance work and home life. Job seekers are now more likely to choose the job that offers flexible schedules over the one that doesn’t.

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