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Salary Survey 2020

Link Blog | February 5, 2020

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Outlook for 2020

As part of our service to clients and candidates, Link Personnel is very happy to publish our annual salary surveys for 2020. The early part of the New Year, has seen a continuation of the trends established in 2019 – increased recruitment activity, firmness in salary levels, and job growth. In plain language, competition for candidates, and rises in the cost of living mean on the whole, it will be slightly more expensive to hire this year compared with the last number of years. Our salary surveys provide insight into remuneration levels across a number of sectors. We keep our spreads tight in order to provide the most accurate picture of the market, even if that means excluding some recorded salaries we are aware of, but which we see as outliers. We welcome any questions from candidates and clients alike and are always happy to provide insight. Simply call us directly on 01 845 6312 and speak to one of our consultants.

Of course, salary surveys are simply a snapshot in time. There are multiple factors which move labour markets over periods of days and weeks, let alone months or years, and in most cases we have no control over these forces. As a business and as a country, all we can do is spot trends, establish where we are today and extrapolate as to where we are going. The addition of so many new jobs in 2019 and the concomitant drop in unemployment brought with it the first significant growth in real wages for many years, and as noted above, nothing in the early part of 2020 suggests this rise in wages will abate. Candidates sense they have more choice and more leverage this year, while the realities of multiple job offers, counter offers and a whole host of other enticements for potential employees only serve to reinforce this feeling. 

The question for employers, therefore, becomes “how do we attract the best people?”. There is no war for talent in 2020, there is only the law of attraction, and the key word for attracting the best in this year is – FLEXIBILITY. Salaries must, of course, remain competitive, but the companies who will find it easier to hire will be those who offer leeway on start times, better holidays, opportunities to work from home, and shorter working weeks. In essence, the companies who will hire the best in 2020 will be those that offer a better work-life balance. This is easier said than done for a lot of businesses, but what we hear from the thousands of candidates we interact with, is that being able to pick children up from creche in a stress free way or not having to face the motorway one day a week is worth more to them than a modest increase in salary.

There are lots of events on the horizon which could change the outlook for the Irish labour market in 2020 – Brexit (again), domestic and foreign elections, trade talks and more. Its impossible to say what the picture will look like in December, but we look forward to what the year brings. We have added to our team this year, as well as adding to our search and selection capabilities in order to enhance our service, and we stand ready to provide our help, expertise, and analysis to candidates and clients alike. 

We look forward to working with you in 2020. 

Cormac Spencer
Senior Consultant

01 845 6312

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